About Delmarva Irrigation and Millwright

Delmarva Irrigation and Millwright locally sells, services, and installs T-L Irrigation Systems. Owned and operated by Robbie Mapp, his wife Amanda Mapp, and uncle Jim Walsh, we proudly serve Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia with the hopes of assisting you in the near future. Please complete the preventative maintenance form, located at the top right hand side of the page, so we may further assist you with your current irrigation system. For new systems or questions about your existing systems, contact us by phone at 302-490-1588 or email at [email protected]. Thank you for choosing Delmarva Irrigation, Inc. We look forward to working with you!

Brands we sell, service, and install

Our T-L hydrostatic center pivots have been proven over the past 65+ years and are an industry leader in innovation. Their constant movement hydrostatic design provides a more uniform water application. eliminating the start/stop action of electric pivots and reduces drive-line wear. The biggest advantage of T-L hydrostatic center pivots is that all functions are controlled on the end tower with a 24-volt dc power control. The pressure compensating hydraulic pump located at the pivot point only uses the electricity necessary for the current application . The simple design makes T-L pivots more reliable and the elimination of 480 volts makes them much safer.

We design, build, deliver, and install PowerLift doors and walls from our own local manufacturing facility. There are tens of thousands of happy PowerLift owners across North America whose daily experience confirms our leading place in the door industry. We will create the perfect door for your new aviation, commercial, farm or architectural project. Our range of experience in removing and replacing old sliding, bifold, fabric, or overhead doors with PowerLift retrofits is also unequaled. PowerLift retrofits improve access to older buildings by increasing both clear opening height and width.

Sukup Manufacturing is the largest family-owned grain storage and material handling company in the world. Whether it’s a grain bin, grain elevator, or grain dryer, Sukup is a one stop shop when it comes to your on-farm storage and material handling needs. Ultimately, the key to Sukup Manufacturing Co.’s success has been its culture of innovation. Sukup has held more than 100 U.S. patents, and continues finding ways to make grain storage, drying, and handling more safe, profitable and efficient for farmers and the agricultural industry.

Brandt is proud to be known as one of the fastest-growing, family-owned companies in the United States. Since 1953, the Brandt family and their employees have remained true to a philosophy planted deep in the company’s midwestern roots and forged by an American spirit that focuses on a commitment to quality people and quality products. Brandt offers the products, knowledge and customer service to help make its business partners at home and around the world successful. By taking care of its customers, near and far, Brandt helps families, farms and communities ensure a safe, secure supply of fiber, fuel and food.